│ All Casing Pile │
Basically, there are three types of drilling tools used for all casing pile, they are augers, rotary-grabs and hammer grab. The most suitable type for drilling tool on this project is depending on the in-situ soil conditions on site. The length of steel casing is accordance with pile design length.

A demonstrative object shall be made over molding the pile. It is consisted of crane, oscillator and hammer grab. By using the crane which goes with cutting shoe and picking the steel casing on the oscillator. Then punch the steel casing under the ground after exam the position vertically and taking out the mud inside of steel casing by hammer grab. To certain depth, it is necessary to inspect the vertical of piling, steel cage laid and process the mud inside of pile.

The final procedure is to use tremie pipes inserting concret and re-move the steel casing.

It could avoid the noise, vibration, air-pollution and groundwater polluted by using all casing pile process. It could soft the impact to the environment.

  │ flowchart │